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5 Myths about Racism in your Organization

As organizations attempt to commit, some for the first time, to improving their policies and practices around race and racism, many are experiencing some common pitfalls. The positive intention of building more cultural inclusion is sometimes followed by problematic action. For example, in the hope …

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Starbucks’ Implicit Bias Training – A First Step

As you know, Starbucks has been in the news recently because of events in one of their stores in Philadelphia where two black men were arrested for trespassing simply waiting for their meeting to begin. Responding immediately to the extremely harmful actions of their personnel, …

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A New Kind of Leader

Time for Action Clock To Inspire And Motivate

I have spent my shelter-in-place time talking with dozens of people, many of whom have been suffering in one way or another. Some were dealing with layoffs, others were feeling the psychological strain of isolation, and others were tired from pulling double duty as workers/childcare, …

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Connection & Belonging at a Time of Forced Isolation

Yesterday, the Coronavirus was upgraded to pandemic status by the World Health Organization. Events and gatherings are being canceled. Entire universities are closing their doors and sending their students home. We are encouraged to isolate ourselves more and more as social anxiety around the situation …

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