Minimizing Implicit (Unconscious) Bias

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Leading-edge research finds that effective anti-bias training incorporates strategies on both personal and institutional levels. DSC training provides solutions in both. This interactive presentation unpacks implicit/unconscious bias, invites participants to consider their own biases and the ways biases manifest in an organization. Specific strategies are offered for minimizing them on both personal and organizational levels.

Delivery format options:

  • Scheduled in-person with Dr. Samuels at your location – contact us
  • Scheduled virtual with Dr. Samuels – contact us
  • Self-paced/pre-recorded format – take course

Uplevel this training with optional Virtual (V/R) Simulation practice!

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Live Virtual & Self Paced

This Training Delivered via Live Virtual Video Conference or Self-Paced Online Course

Why Are These The Best Online DEI Trainings?

  1. These trainings are the culmination of 20 years of Dr. Samuels’ research, publications, and teaching as a university professor. The strategies provided are based on social science research.

  2. Dr. Samuels has shared these concepts in person with tens of thousands of leaders at over 150 organizations, Fortune 50 corporations, military institutions, and campuses around the U.S.

Sample Training Video

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