Equity Audit

Many organizations know they need to be more intentional about building cultural inclusion, but they don’t know where to begin. We recommend considering an Equity Audit (Exploration, Assessment & Recommendations) to discover how inclusive your organization is currently.
Assessment Cultural Climate

1. Review/Exploration & Assessment of Cultural Climate (Equity Audit)

  • Gain an understanding of your organizational climate re: DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion)

  • Review inward and outward-facing materials, e.g., website, promotional materials, newsletters, policies, etc.

  • Review prior climate survey results, if applicable and available

  • May include development, dissemination, and analysis of a climate survey tailored specifically to the DEI goals and objectives of your organization

  • May include interviews with key stakeholders (could include: staff, leadership, constituents, board, customers, etc.)

  • Assessment of organizational interpersonal cultural climate

  • Includes a written report documenting results of assessment and recommendations for shifting your organization’s cultural climate
DEI Strategic Plan

2. Development of DEI Strategic Plan

  • Work in collaboration with your organization to develop a DEI strategic plan

  • Includes vision, goals, benchmarks, timelines, and allocation of responsibilities

  • a continual “working document” – not something for the shelf