Gift Your Staff with Wellness!

Has your staff been working hard? 

Have sick days increased due to stress and overwhelm? 

Has there been more confrontation, fear, and strife in your workplace due at least in part to local and global tragedies and violence?

Consider gifting your staff with a mindfulness retreat that teaches tools and practices for health and wellness that can:

• lower stress, 

• lower sick days, 

• increase loyalty, and 

• create more confident, healthy, inclusive leaders.

A wellness retreat can be a great gift for your employees.

Dr. Samuels focuses on intuitive leadership development -learning to trust the still voice within to guide one’s actions which can create self-aware and more confident leaders. Mindfulness techniques increase health and wellness which builds organizational loyalty and cuts down on lost revenue due to sick days.

Choose between half day and full day retreats for your organization, corporation, or campus communities.

Retreats can include:

  • Health & Wellness Strategies
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Yoga
  • Mindful Communication Skills
  • Intuitive Leadership Development
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Strategic Planning
  • Activities Tailored for Your Group
Organizational Retreat
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Topics Covered at your Retreat:

Cultivate Calm!
Learn easy practices you can use throughout the day to cultivate peace and show up as your best self.

Empower Yourself!
Learn skills for letting go of what no longer serves you to step into your best and highest self with confidence and purpose!

Communicate Better!
Listen and interact more mindfully so you can build more authentic and inclusive relationships.

Be a Better Leader!
Learn techniques to lead more confidently. The best decisions are rooted in love rather than fear and doubt.
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Here’s what clients are saying about Dena:

“Dr. Samuels introduced me to mindfulness and helped me find ways to get out of my own way. The visualization practices that she taught me were game changing. I saw results immediately and was able to continue growing my business with less stress. More importantly, I have implemented life changing mindfulness practices which continue to help me.

I highly recommend Dr. Samuels for coaching, training and consulting. She is empathetic, knowledgeable and compassionate.”

~ Cody H., Cody Horton Consulting