What’s Next for DEI?

Begin Within: Leadership Coaching


Coaching for Leadership Teams & Individuals, with Dena Samuels, PhD

After almost 25 years of teaching about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as an award-winning educator, author, speaker, trainer, consultant, I came to realize that doing DEI work isn’t only about changing policies and inequitable systems (which is critically important), but also that it takes some internal shifting, too.

Through my experience teaching people in over 150 organizations, Fortune 50 corporations, and campuses how to build culturally inclusive workspaces, I came to realize that shifting cultural climate is about changing the consciousness within the organization, changing the way people communicate and connect with each other in a truly authentic way, and about building healthy relationships, especially across social differences.

As I began to work with leadership teams and employees, teaching them how to develop healthier, more inclusive relationships, they began to notice a shift in how they felt at work. They felt more effective, more connected, and more invested. And they were surprised to find that the skills I teach could also be used at home, with their extended families, and in their communities, making an even greater impact.

Even more, the strategies I offer in my programs are the same skills that can also serve to create a more authentic, meaningful life for you, too!

The next frontier for DEI work, and for your own life, is shifting from within.

We have to get to a place where:
  1. Employees that you worked so hard to hire are so excited about working at your company that they have no intention of leaving
  2. There’s a welcoming environment where open and honest communication is not only ok, but expected
  3. Each employee feels motivated, self-empowered, and finds their work fulfilling
  4. Employees can bring their whole selves into their work because they feel included
  5. Employees feel safe to be creative and to find innovative solutions to problems
My clients often come to me because they’re interested in my diversity, equity, and inclusion work. They stay with me as they learn the importance and impact of beginning within themselves: doing social justice from the inside out. In response to this need, I created a premium executive coaching program to help visionary leaders maximize their communication with others in ways that transform their relationships, their companies, their lives.

Interaction begins with “I”

If left unchecked, strong emotions at work can cause mental and physical stress, a breakdown in communication, and can hinder workplace cohesion and success. How we interact with others can make the difference between causing a rift, or a bridge, between team members.

I take active listening skills and incorporate a mindful element that allows us to reduce bias, connect fully, and ultimately build deeper, more authentic relationships.

In one-on-one or group coaching sessions, we will discuss emotions, triggers, and how to reframe uncomfortable situations as moments of potential growth and relationship-building in support of creating a more holistic, healthy environment that is aligned with the mission of your organization.

What do you want for your workforce, and in your life?

  1. Unwavering confidence in decision-making, ability to trust yourself/your intuition
  2. Unbroken peace of mind
  3. To feel healthy, strong, and vibrant
  4. To build authentic, deep relationships with others
  5. To feel included and like you belong
  6. To honor your boundaries
  7. To lead from compassion and love, not from past hurts
  8. To learn to love yourself fully, with compassion, forgiveness, and strength
  9. To remain in alignment with your highest self

My Premium Executive Coaching Program is what’s next!

My philosophy

By asking you to consider what you envision for your company, I see myself as a springboard for you to reach your unlimited potential – for your organization, and for yourself. Through our time together, we will uncover limiting patterns and beliefs that may be holding you (and your team) back from reaching your full potential. When you begin to align your decisions with your highest and best values, and communicate effectively, you become a role model for others to do the same. I see my role as an arrow that points you back to your highest self. Allow me to give you the key to effective, inclusive interactions.

The Fantastic Advantages of this Coaching Experience

100% of clients agree or strongly agree that this program:

Clients say

“For years, I have taken so many courses and read so many books, but this experience was a life-changer for me. I was finally ready for a different way of approaching life. The shift I got from working with Dr. Samuels feels miraculous. I finally know without a doubt that I am responsible for my own happiness.”

Susan P.

“Having a group coaching experience with Dr. Samuels is like having a how-to guide for all of life’s pitfalls. She breaks mindfulness practices down into easily digestible nuggets that you can put into play in your everyday life. Her guided meditations are simple yet life changing. I can’t say enough about this experience!”

Sarah F.

“Dena Samuels’ coaching is insightful, challenging, and generous.  Her heartfelt guidance moved our group to higher levels of mindfulness collectively and individually.”

Anne T.

“Learning in a group with Dena Samuels has accelerated the process of my spiritual journey. It’s like inviting an inner tour guide to teach me how to find/become my truest self.”

Laurie K.


“Thank you, Dr. Samuels. You have increased my compassion for myself and others, my understanding of my own limiting patterns, and my self-worth.”

Susan A.

“Before starting my coaching sessions with Dena, I was feeling the pressure of running and growing a business. Dr. Samuels introduced me to mindfulness and helped me find ways to get out of my own way. The visualization practices that she taught me were game changing.”

Cody H.

“Thank you, Dr. Samuels. You have increased my compassion for myself and others, my understanding of my own limiting patterns, and my self-worth.”

Susan A.

How Does Coaching With Me Work?

Leadership Teams: Many leadership teams choose to take advantage of group leadership coaching AND additional 1 on 1 sessions for each team member with me. This allows them the opportunity to learn and be supported in a group setting, and also to work on their individual visions, limiting beliefs, and build confidence to become the best leader they can be. Other leadership teams choose group coaching OR 1 on 1 coaching for the team.

Individuals: Individuals can work with me 1 on 1 only and/or be put on a weight list for my next group coaching cohort.

All coaching sessions are virtual.

Premium Coaching Packages:

One-on-One Personal Coaching

Breakthrough Session
(FREE 30 minute virtual Zoom session)

When you set up a preliminary one-on-one call with me, we explore together some of the areas in your business and life that you would like to expand and grow. We consider some challenges you are experiencing in your work, life, and relationships, and we map out a plan for our journey together based on your unique needs and goals. You will get a feel for what it’s like to work with me, and will likely see some new possibilities in your personal and business future.

Explore Your Potential

(10 weeks of 45-minute virtual Zoom sessions)

In our work together over the course of 10 weeks, we will uncover any blocks that have kept you from reaching your potential and communicating as effectively as you can. We will tap into your mind-body state and use our imaginations for healing and growth. Our work together is cumulative, so as you learn the tools I provide, you will eventually be able to employ them on the spot at work and at home. You will begin to see changes in your interactions with others rooted in the changes you are experiencing in yourself. My goal is to empower you to move beyond me. 

BONUS: With your 10-week 1 on 1 package, you receive 2 complimentary sessions on any personal relationships you are struggling with. This is an opportunity for a breakthrough in your relationship with a colleague, friend, family member, or partner!

Know Your Potential

(6 months of weekly 45-minute virtual Zoom sessions

As you shift and grow, others will start to notice that you are showing up more authentically, making more inclusive decisions, and looking and feeling better and more empowered in your work and in your life. Through our time together, we will have developed a short-hand to handle whatever comes up, using powerful tools that allow you to transform any obstacles into stepping stones to accomplish more in less time and maximize your potential. These tools will help you to communicate with others more effectively, especially across differences, paving the way for better, more inclusive leadership.

Infinite Potential/Soaring

(12 months of bi-weekly (every other week) 45-minute virtual Zoom sessions)

Over the course of 12 months, you will become accustomed to experiencing personal breakthroughs and an increased sense of awareness of yourself, your emotions, and your life. You will have a greater grasp of emotional regulation and it will attract just the right people and situations for success and abundance. Through weekly reinforcement, your relationships will be stronger than ever (even the challenging ones); your life will take a quantum leap, springboarding you to fulfill your highest aspirations in both business and personal life. Your relationships will better meet your needs and you will find greater fulfillment in your work and your life.

Drop In Breakthrough Session

(one 45-minute virtual Zoom or phone session)

If there’s a specific need or challenge that arises, schedule one session with me and we will process the stuckness together for healing and empowerment so you can proceed with awareness, self-compassion, and empathy.

Remember you don’t have to say YES right now. You only have to say MAYBE. Start your journey with a FREE, no obligation, 30-minute Breakthrough Session, and then decide whether to continue.

Group Coaching

(10 weeks of weekly 75-minute zoom sessions)

Take your team to a new level with this 10-week executive group coaching program to build strong, inclusive, reflective leaders in your organization. In a group setting, your cohort will learn skills and practice techniques that will allow them to lower their stress levels (which means better health and fewer sick days), and increase their focus, productivity, and success.

Each week for 10 weeks, we will gather on zoom for 75 minutes at a mutually convenient time, to delve deeply into the tools I provide in my latest book, “The Mindfulness Effect: an unexpected path to healing, connection, and social justice.” It includes 25 mindfulness practices for health/wellness, self-empowerment, communication across social differences, among others. Since Interaction begins with “I” – we begin within to understand how our own thoughts, emotions, biases and behaviors affect how we interact with other people.

These tools have a profound impact on readiness to lead, ability to connect deeply with others, and capacity for strong, inclusive leadership

A minimum of 5 people is required for a cohort. Registration includes a FREE one-on-one 45-minute Breakthrough coaching session for each registrant. Each registrant meets virtually with me. Below you can learn about my story, and how to schedule a free 30-minute breakthrough session to create more authentic, open-hearted relationships in your life.

My Story:

How Did I Become an Executive Coach?

Reflecting back on my almost 25-year teaching career, it’s always been about asking good questions, never assuming I had the definitive answer. I always had my students journal how the material we were covering applied to them. Providing them with prompts along the way allowed them to decide what was most important to them, what resonated, what had significance. Any actions they chose to take were theirs. My books reflect this approach as well, coaching readers, workshop attendees, and audience members to consider their own thoughts, emotions, and beliefs in an effort to gain awareness and proceed consciously.

When I was offering a book club group coaching experience a few years back, everyone in the cohort was amazed at how what they were learning in our weekly sessions affected not only their interactions and challenging relationships in professional settings, but also in their personal lives with family, friends, in-laws, children, life partners/spouses, etc.

One participant remarked that using the practices I shared in our group coaching sessions, she was able to transform her relationship with her sister-in-law from excruciating and tremendously stressful to a relationship of compassion and peace.

I realized that the shifting I can guide people through is multiplied in the coaching arena. And the impact I can have is all through asking questions. It is how I prefer to be coached and how I coach others.

I coach people to help them transform their relationships and realize their dreams through mindfulness, healing, self-love, and self-worth.

In a series of 45-minute sessions, I help you to uncover your inner guidance and limiting beliefs in yourself and in your relationships so you can realize your unlimited potential and transform those relationships – at work and at home.

I offer virtual coaching both with individuals as well as with groups.

Schedule a Session: Let’s connect for a virtual breakthrough session and help you reach your goals!

Meet Dena Samuels, PhD

Dena Samuels, PhD, serves as a mindfulness-based diversity, equity, and inclusion author, speaker, leadership coach, and consultant. As an award-winning tenured professor, Dr. Samuels taught at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs for 20 years while consulting around the U.S. and beyond. She now consults and coaches full-time on mindful, inclusive leadership development, and remains on faculty at the university. She has authored several books and many other publications.

Her latest book, “The Mindfulness Effect: an unexpected path to healing, connection, and social justice,” offers 25 mindfulness practices for health/wellness, self-empowerment, culturally inclusive leadership development, social justice and environmental justice. In all of her publications and speaking engagements, she passionately invites people to raise their personal and social awareness to live more fulfilling, connected, and meaningful lives; and assists organizations, campuses, and corporations in building more diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures.

Dr. Samuels’ extensive client list  includes over 150 organizations like NASA and PBS; Fortune 50 Corporations like Facebook/WhatsApp and Humana; and campuses around the U.S. such as the U.S. Air Force Academy, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, and University of Dayton. Her community activism focuses on facilitating cross-racial dialogue.

Dena Samuels, PhD

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