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I provide engaging keynotes, workshops, and seminar trainings for organizations worldwide. Integrate diversity and build cultural inclusiveness within any workplace or campus.

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DSC partners with Mursion to create onscreen practice scenarios for DSC workshop participants to practice their new inclusion-building skills!

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Join the many institutions that are using my book, The Culturally Inclusive Educator as an all-organization read, and I will facilitate a book club discussion!

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We are pleased to offer consulting and coaching leadership development services that will propel you and your organization forward.

We are a mindfulness-based diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm, helping you to develop a culturally inclusive workplace or campus. We serve both public and private organizations, fostering environments where everyone feels like they belong and are free to soar!

We also offer coaching to break through personal and professional obstacles and unlock your unlimited potential.

Mindfulness & Implicit Bias

Services Offered:

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The Mindfulness Effect Self-Paced Course provides strategies for healing, empowerment, and social justice. In 8 sessions, learn to live life freely, with intention, connection, and meaning.

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Hire DSC to organize a mindfulness retreat that focuses on social justice and building inclusiveness in the workplace or on campus.

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is present moment awareness: an ancient eastern practice that encourages us to pay attention to this current moment rather than focusing on an individual’s past or future. Mindfulness has positive implications for health/wellness, self-empowerment, lowering implicit bias, culturally inclusive leadership, and social & environmental justice.

Businesses are incorporating Mindful Leadership training into their strategic plans and professional development.

Mindfulness helps employees:

     • reduce stress by focusing on the present moment;

     • remain calm under pressure so they can respond rather than react;

     • stay healthy by increasing their resilience after a stressful situation

Studies show, benefits of Mindfulness include:

     • increased health, wellness, and morale of employees;

     • fewer sick days (saving organizations and corporations millions each year);

     • better, more thoughtful decisions;

     • more effective leadership


I provide personalized coaching that can help you take your life or career to the next level.

My coaching is mindfulness-based, trauma-sensitive, & culturally inclusive.

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