Virtual Reality Simulations

VR Role Play

Virtual Reality (VR) simulations take Leadership Development Training to the next level! Direct practice enhances Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) skill-building trainings. DSC partners with Mursion, a global organization that specializes in VR live-action simulations, to give workshop participants the opportunity to practice new skills. Practicing skills with avatars eliminates the risk of harming others while participants are still learning to implement their new skills. Research shows that those who practice skills using virtual reality are more likely to take action in real life, when they have the opportunity to create a more inclusive environment. VR is the next frontier in DEI training.

How It Works

First, through interactive DSC workshops, participants receive the knowledge and skills for promoting inclusive practices: minimizing unconscious/implicit bias in interactions and hiring, challenging exclusionary behavior (microaggressions), and other skills. After the training, each participant signs up for a 30-minute individual session or 60-minute small group session. Participants engage in a live-action, interactive simulation with responsive avatars on-screen, run by actors at Mursion. These simulations provide practice of the skills they learned in the DSC workshop. The Mursion actors use a rubric (developed by DSC) to assess the participant’s performance implementing specific skills in the simulation. Each participant will conclude with a reflection and comprehensive feedback to improve their skills.

Mursion is happy to provide a free demo at your convenience. As Mursion’s website attests, virtual simulations are becoming more and more common in trainings. “This blend of technology and human performance creates a highly realistic training environment that mimics the real-world challenges employees face every day.”

At DSC, we have found these virtual scenarios to be a valuable tool to make the most out of our diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings. Contact DSC today to schedule a free demo with Mursion!

YouTube video
Dena talks about the value and the process of Mursion’s VR practice

What Clients Say After the Mursion Experience

Really great scenario – I have had nearly the identical conversation multiple times with colleagues!

I learned  to pause before engaging, to take a step back to invite the microaggressor to participate, rather than stepping up in a controlling way

I learned that it is important to take time to ask questions (of both parties) when intervening, instead of just stating arguments and points.

I rapidly forgot that I was speaking to avatars and felt comfortable engaging in an earnest conversation. The post-meeting debrief was very helpful for drawing out what I might have done had this been an actual meeting.