Group Coaching Experience

Transform Your Life: An Experiential, Immersive, Interactive Mindfulness Journey

Led by Dena Samuels, PhD

topics Covered

Self-Awareness & Healing

Begin within to focus on who you are and the conflicting stories you have likely learned about yourself.


Learn skills for letting go of what no longer serves you to step into your higher purpose and live a more meaningful life.

Building Relationships

Mindful self-awareness allows us to build deeper, more authentic relationships, especially across social differences.

Social & Environmental Justice

Mindfully connect to others and to the planet for a more peaceful life and a more connected and sustainable world.

If you want different results, change your methods

Imagine not letting fear stop you from living your best life

As the saying goes, “when you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always gotten.” Between the pandemic, the consistent threat on the lives of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals, climate change, and more, we are living in an era of emergency. This chaotic time calls for new approaches, new frameworks, and new skills.

Student's say

“For years, I have taken so many courses and read so many books, but this experience was a life-changer for me. I was finally ready for a different way of approaching life. The shift I got from working with Dr. Samuels feels miraculous. I finally know without a doubt that I am responsible for my own happiness.”

Susan P.

“Having a group coaching experience with Dr. Samuels is like having a how-to guide for all of life’s pitfalls. She breaks mindfulness practices down into easily digestible nuggets that you can put into play in your everyday life. Her guided meditations are simple yet life changing. I can’t say enough about this experience!”

Sarah F.

“Dena Samuels’ coaching is insightful, challenging, and generous.  Her heartfelt guidance moved our group to higher levels of mindfulness collectively and individually.”

Anne T.

“Learning in a group with Dena Samuels has accelerated the process of my spiritual journey. It’s like inviting an inner tour guide to teach me how to find/become my truest self.”

Laurie K.

How it works

Using Dr. Samuels’ book, “The Mindfulness Effect” to structure our 8 weeks together, you have the opportunity to virtually meet with Dr. Samuels each week to discuss the concepts, practices, and new ways of thinking and being that can transform your life.

This is a process of learning to be aware of and trust your inner guidance; to pay attention to subtle shifts in your emotions and in your body to create lasting change in your life. Dr. Samuels is simply a guide who points you to you.

No prior knowledge of mindfulness is required. If you already have a mindfulness practice, this can deepen your practice.

Dena Samuels

The Fantastic Advantages of this Group Coaching Experience

The Benefits:

This is not group therapy but rather an interactive way of learning new skills and getting guidance along the way as you incorporate these skills into your life.

Transform your Life through Mindfulness

Each session is for YOU. You can get your questions answered about how these new tools are impacting your life, and any challenges or resistance you may be experiencing. After almost 25 years of teaching, Dr. Samuels is fully equipped to answer any and all questions to guide participants in their transformative journey.

Week 1: Laying the Groundwork

In this first session, Dr. Dena Samuels offers insight about mindfulness, meditation, and its impact on our world and our lives. We will discuss the difference between mindfulness and meditation and explore our hopes and intentions, and how to incorporate mindfulness into our daily lives.

Week 2: Who We Really Are

In session two, Dr. Samuels explores who we really are beyond what we’ve been taught about ourselves and even beyond our experiences. In this session, we explore mindfulness techniques to practice seeing ourselves as the observer of our thoughts, our emotions, and our stories, and to better understand the impact of our social conditioning.

Week 3: Healing Ourselves and Our Society

In session three, we discuss how mindfulness can be used both for our own healing and for social justice work. Dr. Samuels explains how we can use mindfulness as a tool for observing and challenging the ways that social privilege impacts our lives. She also explains how spiritual bypassing can work to include some people and exclude others. We will also delve into how we can gain important messages from our bodies to live healthier, more integrated lives.

Week 4: Transforming Ourselves

Session four dives even deeper into mindful healing. Drawing on Michael Singer’s book, “The Untethered Soul”, we begin to understand the challenging but transformational process of becoming free from the triggers and stuck feelings that cause us so much suffering. Dr. Samuels explains how we can work to become mindfully liberated. Once free from the constraints of social conditioning, we can dream big and set intentions for a meaningful life!

Week 5: Living in Higher Vibration

Session five offers activities that help us envision what a mindful life might look like. Dr. Samuels offers appreciation for operating in a space of higher vibration to live a purposeful and joyful life. She also provides insights on how to work with the feeling of doubt and the difference between setting an intention and releasing it vs. focusing on an attachment to the outcome.

Week 6: Living a Conscious Life

In session six, we are asked to challenge and work with our biases without blame or judgement for the benefit of social justice for all. Dr. Samuels asks what does it mean to live a conscious life? She also delves into culturally inclusive leadership development by inviting us to become more aware of our biases. Mindful awareness of bias is the first step to minimizing its impact on our interactions with others. She provides mindful strategies for challenging our biases, and for intervening when we witness bias and/or microaggressions in our workplace, in our relationships, and in our lives.

Week 7: Interconnectedness and Action Planning

In session seven, Dr. Samuels draws a connection between cultural inclusion, diversity & equity, and interconnectedness to the planet in relation to social justice. She guides us through mindfulness practices that connect us with the systemic forms of disconnection, isolation, and discrimination that impact all of our lives. She also invites us to consider our connection to the planet and explains why it is such an important mindfulness practice. She invites us to formulate a plan for becoming or continuing a practice of being an agent of change.

Week 8: Conclusion/Takeaways

In the final session, we conclude with final questions and takeaways. Join Dr. Samuels as she guides us through several final meditations and tips on creating a lifelong mindfulness practice.

Time Commitment:

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Transform your Life through Mindfulness

Please let us know if you are interested, and we will find a group for you, or you can create your own!

Meet Dena Samuels, PhD

Dena Samuels, PhD, serves as a mindfulness-based diversity, equity, and inclusion author, speaker, leadership trainer, and consultant. As an award-winning tenured professor, Dr. Samuels taught at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs for 20 years while consulting around the U.S. and beyond. She now consults full-time on mindful, inclusive leadership development, and remains on faculty at the university. She has authored several books and many other publications.

Her latest book, “The Mindfulness Effect: an unexpected path to healing, connection, and social justice,” offers 25 mindfulness practices for health/wellness, self-empowerment, culturally inclusive leadership development, social justice and environmental justice. In all of her publications and speaking engagements, she passionately invites people to raise their personal and social awareness to live more fulfilling, connected, and meaningful lives; and assists organizations, campuses, and corporations in building more diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures.

Dr. Samuels’ extensive client list includes over 150 organizations like NASA and Big Brothers Big Sisters; Fortune 50 Corporations like Facebook/WhatsApp and Humana; and campuses around the U.S. such as the U.S. Air Force Academy, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, and University of Dayton. Her community activism focuses on facilitating cross-racial dialogue.

Dena Samuels, PhD

The Fantastic Advantages of this Group Coaching Experience

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