Executive Coaching

As my own mindfulness and healing practices have flourished, I want to share my tools! I provide personal and professional coaching that can help you take your life or your career to the next level.

If you are challenged with a personal or professional situation, dilemma, or decision, we can work together to overcome obstacles, dismantle any limiting beliefs about yourself and/or others, and ultimately live a more meaningful, successful, and effective life.

My coaching is mindfulness-based, trauma-sensitive, and culturally inclusive.​

Dr Dena Samuels
Dena Samuels: Executive Coach
Dena Samuels, PhD

People Get Results with Coaching

Through the gift and process of working with Dr. Dena Samuels, I am no longer imprisoned by my own thoughts. I no longer live on auto-pilot. I am awakening and seeing more clearly than ever before in my life.

Kristen Suttles

I was trying to make a decision that had the potential to change my life. Dena walked me through a process where I was able to trust my own wisdom. I got my answer, and have never looked back. And I’ve never been happier!

Susan Patkin

Dr. Samuels is able to guide us on our own individual journeys, in personal, spiritual, and cultural awareness. Becoming my best self and letting go of old thought pattern is truly a gift – to myself and those around me.

Melinda Zolowicz