Executive Coaching

After almost 25 years of working with organizations, corporations, campuses and schools, I have come across every DEI challenge possible. I have helped clients work through the sticky situations that inevitably come up when interacting across social differences. I am here to help.

CEOs and other leaders often pull me aside when I am working with their organization, and admit that there are particular personnel situations they don’t know how to handle. They are typically embarrassed to share that they don’t have all the answers “as a leader should” – and don’t want to be perceived as being weak or vulnerable to their team. Oftentimes, they are afraid to say the wrong thing and get themselves into more trouble. 

Leaders often need someone they can trust with whom to share these predicaments who can help them through it with concrete solutions and effective language to use. I am at your service.

Dr Dena Samuels
Dena Samuels: Executive Coach
Dena Samuels, PhD
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