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Diversity And Inclusiveness Training

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In a recent workshop, 70 out of 70 participants agreed or strongly agreed that Dena was engaging and encouraged audience participation.

As a social justice educator, activist, and author, Dr. Dena Samuels’ mission is to affect organizational change by increasing diversity and developing inclusive strategies.


Participate in engaging, educational keynotes and experiential workshops that incorporate strategies for challenging bias and systemic discrimination based on a variety of social identities.


Enroll in Executive Coaching on issues of Diversity & Inclusiveness and Inclusive Leadership Development.

Our mission is to build inclusiveness among an increasingly diverse population.

As our country becomes more multicultural, there is a greater need for understanding, better communication, and greater respect for the differences between us. More and more campuses, schools, and organizations are beginning to appreciate the benefits of building and maintaining a diverse workplace.

Dena Samuels Consulting offers comprehensive workshops that can get the conversation started!

A 360-degree Approach
At DSC, we consider the work we do as going beyond compliance or "mandatory diversity training.". We can take a 360-degree look around your campus or organization, and suggest the many ways you can build cultural inclusiveness. We can review diversity strategic plans, policies, and practices for your organization, and provide the necessary education to implement inclusive practices. The goal is to make every individual who enters your campus or organization feel like they belong.


There is no such thing as being "done" with or having "achieved" cultural inclusiveness. The 360-degree process means putting in place a plan for ongoing transformative education for all organization members (including leadership, staff, stakeholders, etc.), or all campus members (including administration, staff, faculty, student leaders, and all students). 


DSC can help you put mechanisms in place so that when (not if) an issue arises in your organization that challenges cultural inclusion, you have a process in place to address the needs of all of your constituents. This allows you to be responsive, efficient, and effective.


Develop Diversity & Inclusiveness goals for your campus, school or organization to build an inclusive cultural climate.

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