Minimizing Implicit

(Unconscious) Bias

Leading-edge research finds that effective anti-bias training incorporates strategies on both personal and institutional levels. DSC training provides solutions in both. This interactive presentation unpacks implicit/unconscious bias, invites participants to consider their own biases and the ways biases manifest in an organization. Specific strategies are offered for minimizing them on both personal and organizational levels.

These are just a few of the many workshops DSC offers. Additional topics include:

Environmental Justice

Mindfulness for Health and Wellness

Generational Differences

Communication Skills

And more

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Presentation Rates

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Mindful about Money | Our Financial Redistribution Policy 


At DSC, we are committed to social justice and equity in organizations, on campuses, and throughout society. Our work focuses on shifting culture to create more inclusive environments where everyone feels like they belong. A critical aspect of social justice is equal access to financial stability. Based on US Census data, wealth has grown for members of historically privileged groups (white people, gender-normative males, heterosexuals, non-disabled people, etc.), while members of historically marginalized groups (people of color, all women, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, and others) have less access to financial stability.

Because so many members of historically marginalized groups experience systemic oppression and financial insecurity in the United States on a daily basis, we must work to level the playing field. Much work needs to be done in this vein. Whenever possible, we must use our resources and our opportunities to create/transform laws and policies, shift culture, and find ways for cross-cultural healing in our communities. 


With this goal in mind, when a DSC client is able to pay our standard fees, 10% of all net proceeds will be invested in organizations that are making strides in social justice. These organizations are owned and/or run by people of color, who may also be part of or working closely with communities with less access to resources: women, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, and others. 


This DSC policy is one small redistribution practice on the path toward positive social change, social justice, and equitable opportunities for all. 

A few of the organizations DSC will be investing in:

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