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Enroll in Executive Coaching on issues of Diversity & Inclusiveness and Inclusive Leadership Development.

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Dena Samuels Consulting serves:

Colleges & Universities
K-12 Schools

All workshops are tailored to the specific needs of the client.
In light of recent uprisings at campuses such as University of Missouri, Amherst, among others, we can provide keynotes, workshops, executive coaching to create policies, strategies, and practices that can shift the climate of your organization.

Our services can be tailored specifically to the needs of your organization or campus, and are intersectional so they include social identities that span race, gender, sexuality, social class, disability, among others.​


Preempting Organizational Conflict

Diversity strategic planning

​Assessment of Campus, School or Organization
Survey the attitudes, intentions, and behaviors of organizational members around issues of diversity and inclusiveness using a groundbreaking instrument that can provide critical information about the status of your organizational members to specifically tailor your organization's diversity and inclusiveness needs.

Develop a Diversity and Inclusiveness Strategic Plan for your Organization
Review the needs of your organization (survey, discussion groups with stakeholders, interviews, etc.) to formulate a plan and set goals for making your organization more culturally inclusive. We work with you to  provide a comprehensive policy and strategies for implementation.

Follow-up Consultations as Diversity & Inclusiveness plan/programs progress
Continued support for your diversity and inclusiveness needs as your organization becomes more and more culturally inclusive. Troubleshooting any obstacles to furthering your strategic plan.



​“The best workshop I’ve been to in years. Fantastic, qualified speaker.”

“More people should come in and discuss 
stuff like this and really point out the stuff 
they go through/see on a day to day basis. This discussion was really great.”

“I appreciated the ways in which she facilitated the opportunities to talk with and learn from my colleagues.”

​“Amazing presentation. Dena is an inspiration and a fantastic speaker.”​

C.I.T.E. Program

Culturally Inclusive Transformative Education

​If there is a member(s) of your organization or campus who is exhibiting offensive behavior, the CITE program is available - we can work with that member in a one-on-one 6-week course that can bridge the gap from offensive to pensive
• 6-week one-on-one mini-course on diversity and inclusiveness 
• meet via phone or teleconference once/week for 75 minutes
​• homework includes readings, videos, activities, and short reflection papers
​• includes detailed report of progress of employee at midpoint and at conclusion of course

Building relationships across difference